8,800.00 7,200.00

Technical Details

System capacity 40 watt
Backup time day and night
module type poly-crystalline
battery included yes
standard installation do it yourself
usb charging port for mobile yes
Panel dimensions height – 1.4 feet

width – 2.2 feet



Product Summary

Loom solar presents off grid D.C. solution for consumers having no access of electricity in their homes. This solar energy system is specially designed for villages having sever power problem and they are using kerosene, emergency light for their power needs.. The dc system is sufficient enough to power 1 dc fan, 2-3 dc light and mobile charging for day and night.

Main products

1. solar panel – 40 watts

2. solar battery – 18 Ah

3. solar charge controller – 6 amps

4. dc bulb – 2 qty.


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