245,000.00 205,000.00

Main products 

Inverter – 2 kw nxt

Battery –  150 Ah (4 nos.)

Solar Panels – 2 kWp (325 watt * 6 nos)

Backup time*

Load 1000 W 800 W 600 W 400 W 200 W
Duration 4 hrs 40 mint 6 hrs 9 hrs 15 hrs 37 hrs


Technical Details 

inverter model NXT 120
inverter capacity 2 kw
efficiency Inverter – 97%, Module >16%
module type Poly-crystalline
battery included yes
standard installation included no
installation cost ₹15000 per kwp
protections Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Battery low cut off


Product summary

Luminous 2 kw off grid solar system is designed to give 24*7 power in homes, Independent floors, Villas, offices. It is a powerful solar system that can run everything from solar except air conditioners.

if you want, all your power equipment such as Fans, lights, Television, Refrigerator to be running on solar without using grid electricity, This solar system suites to you.


  • 10 units generation every day
  • 200 sq feet rooftop space required for installation.
  • return on investment in 5.5 years with ₹3,000 electricity saving every month.



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