7,000.00 5,600.00

Special Features

  • it connects with single, double and three nos of batteries.
  • Protections provided against short-circuit, voltage fluctuations
  • Led indications are provided for easy monitoring of the system.

Display indications

  • battery charging level
  • equalization mode
  • temperature sensor
  • reverse polarity


Solar Charge Controller is required to convert Normal Inverter into hybrid solar Solutions. It is used to charge battery using solar panels. This product is able to charge up to 3 nos of batteries and supports up to 45 amps of current generating from solar panels.

Product Descriptions

Model Name SCC 36 volt 45 amps
System rating 45 Amp @ 12 Volt, 24 V, 36 V
Charging current (max) 45 Amp
Panel Support Up to 2,000 Watts
Technology pwm
Wire Size (max) 6 sq mm


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